The S’More Pit

The S’More Pit offers homemade, organic S’Mores complete with campfires over which to roast your mallow. Their graham crackers are both gluten-free and paleo-friendly, and they use no corn syrup in their marshmallows- only local honey. The S’More Pit is a proud, female-owned and operated Santa Fe start-up.

Heather and Sarah, the S’More Pit owners, wanted a website that reflected their natural and organic nature, while also introducing a fair amount of nostalgia. We looked to old world confectioners and used colors that match their product. Mindshare Labs also created their branding, so we were able to focus their website into a cohesive look while also maintaining usability and brand identity.

The S’More Shoppe is built on WooCommerce with a fair amount of custom development. The requirements for the store were simple; Heather and Sarah wanted to showcase what their amazing s’mores look like. Using large images and separating each into individual categories enables the user to ‘window shop’ online. We think this speaks to the breadth and quality of each s’more.

In addition to an online store we also integrated social media, calendar events, and a custom menu.