Damian interviewed about internet speed in New Mexico

Damian Taggart, president of Mindshare Labs, Inc. was interviewed by Santa Fe New Mexican reporter Chris Quintana regarding the proposed increase to internet service speeds in the City Different. The proposal comprises a one hundred million dollar City project to fund an independent pipeline to the internet in an effort that city officials hope will increase competition…

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Mindshare Labs Wins Small Business of the Year

On June 12th, 2014, The Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce hosted the 2014 Business Awards Red Carpet Gala to recognize the organizations that have supported the Chamber and its mission. Around eighty local businesses were nominated this year and were judged based on their growth, customer service, green and family friendly business practices and community involvement. Seven…

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‘Autospy’ for scrollspy.js

On a recent Bootstrap-based WordPress project, we wanted to make use of the scrollspy.js plugin, but there was no way to automatically populate the sidebar based on headings found in the content. Since most of the pages on the site had different layouts, we needed a way to dynamically populate the sidebar navigation based on what content…

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