‘Autospy’ for scrollspy.js

On a recent Bootstrap-based WordPress project, we wanted to make use of the scrollspy.js plugin, but there was no way to automatically populate the sidebar based on headings found in the content. Since most of the pages on the site had different layouts, we needed a way to dynamically populate the sidebar navigation based on what content…

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Mindshare Theme API updated

A new release of the Mindshare Theme API was just released... with full compatibility for the latest version of WordPress along with some other great new features:Updated Bootstrap to version 3Replaced wp_print_scripts with wp_enqueue_scriptsMaintenance mode bypassUpdated mapi_single_term_title()Added mapi_is_true()Added mapi_update_option()Added several new functions for Facebook Open Graph lookupsAdded support the htmLawed HTML cleanup libraryUpdates for all…

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