Mindshare Evolves

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Published: December 9, 2017

I’m the new owner of Mindshare Labs, Inc.

When I first came to Mindshare Labs I found a vibrant and fun place to work; a community of partners, friends, and clients; and a relentless dedication to making the web easier, more useful, and more democratic. We don’t just make websites, we create tools that allow people and companies to thrive on the internet. We help them to share and build collective knowledge, to start businesses, to expand businesses, and to create communities. I’m happy to say that Mindshare Labs will continue to do just that.

To Our Current Clients,

Not much will change. Most of you have had the opportunity to work with the current staff, and we’ll keep providing the best service we can. We’ll continue to offer business and web consultation, web design, security, and support. Free consultations for new projects are here to stay, you’ll still have access to the same technology and talent that you did before… the same people will be supporting you and your efforts online. Our developers are not going anywhere. Internally, it’s business as usual.

To Our New Clients,

I’m excited to meet you and develop a business relationship that can help you succeed online. I’ve worked within the arts, non-profit, and corporate worlds doing marketing, design, and development. I plan on using that experience to continue contributing to the amazing community that surrounds Mindshare Labs.

We’re an award-winning agency with a deep understanding of web application development and design. We have provided internet solutions and consulting for roughly five hundred organizations. Our mobile apps are used throughout New Mexico and we dedicate time for our employees to learn the new tools of the evolving web. We know these new and emerging technologies and actively contribute to their development. Our experience includes SEO, HTML validation, internet marketing, and training. We want you to be successful online, and we have the tools and knowledge to make that happen.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to lead Mindshare Labs into the next decade. We’re happy to make Santa Fe our home and are here to support and champion the businesses we share it with.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

-James W. Johnson