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Mindshare Labs helped Alpha-i launch their first website.

About Alpha-i

Alpha-i is an invitation to meet the unseen, unknown, the essence of your life. It is beyond your expectation and within the reach of an armchair. It is only and always within. It is inevitable so why wait another year, another month, another day to be fully engaged with your entire being.

Within the crashing chaos of modern life one might think such a place is out of reach but Alpha-i is here to invite you to discover that peace and balance are just inside, in fact only inside. We invite you to discover something new about yourself that is so utterly astounding and simply accessible you will be amazed that you didn’t learn this long ago. It is as natural as breathing, and so simple you will find it hard to believe it is really all that is required.

We call it ‘alpha intelligence’ because it is the alpha brain wave state that bridges the conscious mind and the deeper, intuitive state of mind. Alpha-i offers a set of mind body exercises that enable you to access and sustain brain wave patterns that evoke emotional states ranging from relaxation to creativity, peace, inspiration, and insight.


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