Project Description

LOQUST (LOcation QUantified Scheduling Tool) is software-as-a-service for managing large-scale construction projects, providing real time analytics for any quantifiable dimension of a construction job.

LOQUST enables a better way to compile, share and utilize real time data for increased efficiency throughout enterprise construction projects. The concepts in LOQUST have been developed and tested on real $100 million+ large construction jobs and have been refined since the mid-1980s by industry experts. In January 2015 Mindshare began development, taking those offline project scheduling methods and built them into a robust, cloud-based, scalable JavaScript application.

“LOQUST allows multiple enterprises – contractors, subcontractors and owners – to be in communication and to contribute & access data in real time. With the tools the industry currently uses, that’s virtually impossible.”

– Jim Lindeman, Principal, LOQUST

The founders of LOQUST reached out to Mindshare Labs to create a cross platform, mobile friendly solution for their industry-specific problem. After careful review of the competition in this vertical, the Mindshare Labs team recognized the disruptive potential of LOQUST for the construction industry and came on board as an equity partner in the project.

Our Process

Using a process of iterative collaboration, transparent communication and agile development methodology, Mindshare created LOQUST, an app providing real-world construction projects with accurate scheduling, quantity tracking and project controls in real time.

LOQUST is an evolution in construction project management, providing a simplified and intuitive system that’s easily used by any role on a construction job, from a foreman on the job site to project owners and investors keeping all stakeholders informed about project progress and potential problems before they occur.

“Over the past 20 years, the founders of LOQUST developed an incredible offline system for managing the complex task of construction scheduling and quantity tracking. Mindshare’s role was to take that system, streamline it and make it accessible and scalable in the cloud using leading edge technology. Essentially, our job with LOQUST was to convert the LOQUST principals’ years of industry expertise and craft it into software that other people can understand and collaboratively use.”

– Winston Riley, Lead Developer, Mindshare Labs

Mindshare works collaboratively with our clients to form a deep understanding of the problem space. Our first job is to be excellent listeners and methodically transform business challenges into software-based solutions that provide benefit to project stakeholders.

When we collaborate with clients, we ensure requirements and user stories are well-defined for each project and provide the technical expertise to translate those needs into rock-solid software solutions.

“Every team member at Mindshare has implemented ideas and solutions that we would never have considered as a non-technical group inside the construction industry.”

– Jim Lindeman, Principal, LOQUST

One of the greatest strengths of LOQUST is that it’s not something we’re simply shipping out the door; it’s a long-term partnership with the client, the project and the set of challenges it represents. The success of LOQUST is something we are highly invested in as a team.

“What stands out as a strength is Mindshare’s ability to understand and develop a feasible workflow between their team and our team. This creates a strong degree of trust among all the parties concerned and provides for efficiency in communicating and reaching our project goals.”

– Jim Lindeman, Principal, LOQUST

Agile Development

“Most people have come to acknowledge that the nature of software is complex and subject to change. Mindshare’s working procedures reflect and accept the change that is necessary as a software project evolves over its lifetime.”

– Winston Riley, Lead Developer, Mindshare Labs

The LOQUST project followed an agile development process. This meant the work progressed in a test-driven, iterative manner that prioritized bringing functional software to market quickly, a rapid update and maintenance cycle and a close relationship between our development team, the client and test users.

Testing, design and documentation were done concurrently with coding, allowing us to continually adjust and improve application features based on frequent client review and participation as development progressed.

At Mindshare Labs we take pride in ensuring that all of our projects are built using best-of-breed tools and technologies that conform to the contemporary best-practices of our industry. We prioritize application security, development efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality on all of our projects.

“As a developer, it’s easy and natural to get into the flow of building things from an engineering perspective, so we make sure to employ methods that allow us to take a step back and incorporate user feedback to verify that what we build objectively satisfies what clients want.”

– Carolyn Attebury, Developer, Mindshare Labs

Engaging in a dialectical process with the founders of LOQUST, we frequently reflected on the overall value of LOQUST at the completion of each sprint. As we build out each new feature, we take the opportunity to assess progress and get feedback from our client, verifying that the code we push is in line with the business goals of LOQUST, while remaining flexible for needed adjustments as the project matures.


LOQUST was built using best-of-breed tools. The technology stack includes: Meteor, NodeJS, MongoDB, nginx, OpenSSL, MariaDB and Debian Linux on a scalable virtual server farm.

Scalability & Security

A core requirement of LOQUST was the ability to scale as usage, server load and storage needs expand. Scalability is a central requirement for the application in terms of CPU, memory, database storage, database sharding, file system storage and network bandwidth.

All LOQUST application network traffic is encrypted using industry-standard technology for secure web communications. The ecommerce components of the project are PCI-compliant.


The value of the LOQUST project has been to develop a new way to visualize and organize large-scale construction projects built around tracking quantities (quantifiable project dimensions). The key components for this feature are the highly intuitive graph visualizations of project progress that empower everyone to make the most profitable decisions within complex construction projects.

LOQUST screenshot

Without any specialized training, LOQUST creates a culture of accountability by providing complete transparency and enabling buy-in at every level. LOQUST achieves outstanding profitability increases for all types of construction projects, including those in the building, infrastructure and industrial sectors.

Mindshare brought technical expertise to the organization of LOQUST. When the founders came to our team with their industry-tested offline methodologies, we converted that into state-of-the-art software, with significant enhancements:

  • Visualize everything intuitively and graphically by creating high level schedules and visually managing project complexity
  • Track progress effortlessly on all of your projects with fine grain task and quantity tracking capabilities
  • Superior project organization allows you to split and organize tasks to improve your project structure

“As a company we are client-focused, and put user experience at the heart of our software design. We embrace agile principles which are rapid, iterative and based on user feedback and client collaboration. This implies a transparent working relationship with our clients.”

– Damian Taggart, President, Mindshare Labs


LOQUST (Location Quantified Scheduling Tool) is accurate, real-time, real-world construction project scheduling and quality control software. The web-based program makes it easy to plan, schedule, track and make projections for entire construction projects. The key to LOQUST are the highly intuitive real time visualizations that empower everyone to make the most profitable decisions within complex construction projects. Without any specialized training, LOQUST creates a culture of accountability by providing complete transparency and enabling buy-in at every level. LOQUST achieves outstanding profitability increases for all types of construction projects, including those in building, infrastructure, and industrial sectors.

Mindshare Labs is proud to be an equity partner in LOQUST.


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