Project Description

The Moon, St. John’s College student-run newspaper, contacted Mindshare Labs about developing an intranet website for publishing new content and archiving the many years of past issues that were previously archived only on paper. The website developed by Mindshare allows for student article submissions, editor moderation, and assigning stories to groups of writers through an interface which tracks story progress and allows breaking an assignment into tasks which can be completed by different teams (photographers, videographers, writers, etc.).

About St. John’s College Santa Fe

St. John’s College, with campuses in Annapolis, Md. and Santa Fe, N.M., offers the very best in liberal arts education. The interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on the foundational works of philosophy, literature, history, political science, theology, economics, music, mathematics, and the laboratory sciences. Classes are small, with between 14 and 20 students, and are conducted as seminars; the faculty-student ratio is 1:8. Students develop strong critical thinking skills through their close interaction with faculty and as they delve deeply into the most important and influential works of all time. The college also offers a graduate-level program based on these same principles.


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