The Story Closet

The Story Closet staff believes that positivity, patience, and encouragement are necessary for active learning and achieving. Their teacher-entertainers also strive for fun at all times. Fun and laughter are key components of The Story Closet.

When The Story Closet’s owner, Erica, first approached us to develop this site we thought of it as just another small business site. But, after hearing her story, seeing her passion, and learning about what she was trying to do we knew we had to be part of this project.

The Story Closet is a place where kids and adults alike can explore their creativity. They focus on theater related crafting, performances, and workshops. Our owner, James, has a background in theater so we know we needed to pull out all the stops to make this a one-of-a-kind website.

Custom animations, slick user experience, story driven design, clean layouts and lots of color! What could be better!?

Custom Animation