We’ve developed over 400 websites and almost all of them need some type of events calendar. W grew tired of configuring calendar plugins that were too bloated, hard to configure, or required 3rd party integrations. So, we set out to build our own simple events plugin with an easy to use, no fuss interface.
This plugin is designed for theaters, performance groups, musicians, or anyone with unique sets of recurring events.
It has an easy to use interface for adding recurring events, support for custom event links, start times, end times, descriptions, costs, and event occurrence colors. This simple plugin should prove useful, and easy.

The admin interface. Simply click on the day your event occurs. Any recurring schedule, any time.


Creating a recurring event is easy. Simply fill in the blanks then click on the day it occurs! Each occurrence is editable and configurable.


We’ve endeavored to create a design that fits any theme. It’s completely customizable and intuitive to users.


We’ve designed the calendar to have as little design as possible. With only two display options (list and calendar) it integrates seamlessly into any theme.