A progressive web application is the next big step in web and mobile development. A progressive web app behaves like a traditional mobile app, but is accessible at a URL. Progressive web applications can take advantage of mobile device hardware, they work offline, and work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.

Examples of progressive web applications might include Facebook.com, or Uber. Both their websites and mobile apps look and feel the same. A user can switch between either and see the same information, under the same interface… in fact, users can take the same actions.

As mobile devices take a larger share of internet traffic it’s becoming more and more important to offer the same experience on a devices as on a desktop. Users now expect the same level of usability no matter the device they are using.

Recent studies have shown that most people download 1-3 apps per month, but visit almost 100 different web sites. This is likely due to how difficult it is to download an app compared to visiting a website.