Web Application Development

Mindshare Labs offers complete web and mobile application development services for Meteor, Node.js, Android, and iOS. Whether you need a native mobile app integrated with your WordPress website or want to hire a team of skilled developers for your new web startup, we’ve got you covered.

We have experience writing scalable complex, data-driven JavaScript and HTML5 web applications with dynamic charting, high availability, and real time data.

Our team provides full-stack web development and is equally comfortable with traditional relational database management systems (like mySQL and MariaDB) as well as noSQL systems (like mongoDB and couchDB).

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Meteor Application Development

Meteor Official Partner logoMindshare Labs has adopted Meteor as our go-to platform for mobile and web application development. Meteor is a complete, open source platform for building web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript. Meteor allows us to build complex, feature rich apps that are a delight for users, with faster development cycles than were ever previously possible.


Why Meteor?

Rapid Development

Meteor offers us extremely rapid development cycles so we can get your minimum viable product to market in the fewest number of “sprints” (defined 4-6 week periods of application feature development and testing.)

Shorter Debugging

Since Meteor allows us to use JavaScript on both the client (mobile device, browser, etc) and the server we wind up with a more shapely codebase which means less time spent debugging and testing code.


The Meteor platform allows us to code for iOS, Android and the web simultaneously. With Meteor apps, you only have one codebase for all of your target platforms and device profiles, built on rock solid, open source technologies.

Node.js Development

nodelogo.svgNode.js is a lightweight and efficient server-side JavaScript platform that can be used to build fast, scalable, and beautiful network applications. It provides an open-source solution to running real time applications, and is driven on Google’s V8 Javascript engine.

Mobile Apps

We provide mobile application development services for both iOS and Android leveraging several platforms including the Apache Cordova project and AppPresser Reactor (which allows for simple integration with your main website).

Ecommerce Development

We have experience dealing with many web-based ecommerce platforms including WooCommerce, Magento, Stripe, Easy Digital Downloads, and more. We can assist you with ecommerce integrations in your new web service or app and take care of PCI-compliance and application security.

Our Development Process

Our development projects will follow an “agile” development process. This means work progresses in a test-driven, iterative manner that prioritizes bringing functional software to market quickly, a rapid update and maintenance cycle, and a close relationship between our development team, the client, and test users.

Testing, design, and documentation are done concurrently with coding, allowing us to continually adjust and improve application features based on frequent client review and participation as development progresses.

At Mindshare Labs we take pride in ensuring that all of our projects are built using best-of-breed tools and technologies that conform to the contemporary best-practices of our industry. We prioritize application security, development efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality on all of our projects.

Our development process varies depending on project complexity but is typically broken down into several discrete phases that unfold in this order:

  • Planning + discovery
  • Information/application architecture
  • Wireframing + design
  • Development
  • Testing + QA
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance + support

Application Code Standards

  • All application code conforms to our internal coding standards as well as W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards.
  • All public-facing code is optimized for Search Engines (SEO) according to contemporary best practices.
  • Most apps and sites feature a responsive design, meaning the site will dynamically reformat according to available screen resolution for desktop and mobile devices.