The S’More Pit on Net Neutrality

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Published: December 10, 2017

One of our very amazing customers wrote this in regards to net neutrality:

The S’More Pit on Net Neutrality

The S’More Pit is a tiny start-up owned by two women who both have second and third jobs (one of us is a mother on top of that), created without start-up money.

We have put our own extra cents into creating this business, small piece, by small piece. We rely HEAVILY on the internet to let people know we exist. With an extremely low budget, without taking out a loan, without any investors, we have made it this far largely because we’re able toadvertise through word of mouth on the internet for the cost of effort, not money. And we put in truckloads of effort.

Repealing Net Neutrality only helps enormous corporations who have already made it, and will cripple the growth of small businesses, like ours.

The S’More Pit, and small businesses all over the country will not survive without a neutral internet. If this country wants to support economic growth of small businesses (isn’t that the American Dream, in it’s truest sense, pulling up from bootstraps to create something out of nothing?) leave it alone. Let us make the S’More Pit bloom. Let Small Business Owners everywhere succeed.

Every small business starts on a kitchen table, in someone’s garage, as a crazy idea, as a pipe dream. Large, successful companies did too, maybe they just don’t remember. Each step towards actualization takes ENORMOUS effort. There is no time off. Making menus while watching TV counts as downtime. Morning coffee is never without an Instagram post or follow-up email or phone call before hustling off to a day-job. The wheels never stop because we are making something brand new, something beautiful where there was nothing before, and sharing it with the world.

So, please. Let us keep our tools. Let us thrive. Let all of us bloom.

Do NOT repeal Net Neutrality. Please share.

Very Sincerely,

Heather Vaughan
Co-Owner/Co-Founder of The S’More Pit