Theme My Login Bootstrap Styles

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Published: December 22, 2019

We use bootstrap, and we use Theme My Login. How do we make Theme my login forms look and feel like bootstrap forms?

We’re, of course, compiling from source using Sass, so stick this in any sass file after you’ve included bootstrap.

Sass Styles

//Theme My login
.tml {
  .tml-message {
    @extend .alert;
    @extend .alert-primary;
  .tml-label {
    color: $dark;
  .tml-field {
    @extend .form-control;
  .tml-field-wrap {
    margin: 0;
    @extend .form-row;
  .tml-checkbox {
    margin: 15px;
  .tml-button {
    @extend .btn;
    @extend .btn-primary;