Welcome, Carolyn!

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Published: January 28, 2015

Mindshare Labs is happy to welcome Carolyn Atterbury, a developer who will be assisting us in our largest project of 2015: LOQU.ST (Location Quantity Scheduling Tool), a web application that hopes to revolutionize the construction management and scheduling industry.

Carolyn returned to her homeland of Santa Fe after years of bicoastal nomadism to pursue her web development passions. While starting a nonprofit related to soap, Shea butter, and Ghana, Carolyn made a web site, and discovered a love of code in the process that transcended her fair-trade organic soap-making interests.

After graduating from NYU in 2013, Caro accelerated her self-instruction in HTML, CSS, Ruby and JavaScript. Continuing her quest, she attended a web development “bootcamp” in San Francisco the following spring, and since then has been making full stack web applications.

Aside from programming, her current interests involve music, language, comic books, scenic landscapes, and how to combine all of those things to create a thought-provoking ambient game.