Welcome, Padraic!

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Published: July 11, 2014

We just took on a new intern, Padraic O’Neill! This is only his second week in the office and things are going swimmingly. Padraic is currently undergoing a crash course in WordPress development, PHP, CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript.

Padraic is an Illinois native who moved to the west about 10 years ago. After spending four years in the wine business in Boulder, CO, where he developed into what many would call a wine snob, he decided to go south to Santa Fe and take on the Great Books Program at St. John’s College. He graduated in 2012 and has since held internships and jobs in a variety of fields including writing, marketing, wine, and most recently woodworking, where he was an apprentice to a master woodworker. Now he’s determined to learn about the world of web development and programming languages where he hopes to contribute a little bit to the big picture.

Padraic loves hiking in the mountains, jumping into cold water, enjoying delicious craft beer, and playing with his puppy named Stark.​​