Blankout theme 3.7 update

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Published: February 10, 2015

Our flagship Bootstrap 3 enabled, standards-compliant WordPress starter theme, Blankout, got an update today.

With the 3.7 release we’ve updated to Bootstrap 3.3.2 and rolled out several minor bug fixes and enhancements including a new LESS file for Font Awesome based social icons which you can output easily using the mapi_social_icons() PHP function (from the Mindshare Theme API plugin. The Theme API is a simple, nondestructively upgradeable way for us to roll out code improvements and security updates to the core logic of our custom WordPress themes without touching any frontend display code.

Blankout can also be used without our other WordPress plugins if you prefer the standalone approach. You can grab both Blankout and the Mindshare Theme API from GitHub or directly from Mindshare Labs.

Blankout and the Theme API are both completely licensed under the GPLv3.

Blankout WordPress theme v3.7:

  • Bugfixes
  • Minor updates and improvements
  • Added styles for mapi_social functions
  • Added styles for responsive text centering
  • Updated to Bootstrap 3.3.2