Lindgren & Smith

This website is a brilliant showcase of simplicity in design, has an intuitive user interface, and we often use it as an example of straightforward content management. It's easy on the eyes, and easy on the management. 

Growing Up New Mexico

Mindshare Labs was hired to design and develop a new website for Growing Up New Mexico. We worked with Big Fish Marketing and their lead creative, Robin Roffer to offer a next-generation website design that brings this inspiring and important non-profit onto the web and into the future.

RCV New Mexico

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is a proven simple electoral reform that gives you more choice in the voting booth. It ensures fair and efficient elections. In a traditional election, the candidate with the most votes wins, even if they do not receive the majority of the votes.

The Story Closet

The Story Closet staff believes that positivity, patience, and encouragement are necessary for active learning and achieving. Their teacher-entertainers also strive for fun at all times. Fun and laughter are key components of The Story Closet.


For a dedicated group of older adults entering a new phase of life’s journey, agency, autonomy and joy are their first priorities. Enter Biscochito. We collaborate with you and your Circle of Love to honor and steward these elements of a Total Life℠ as you age in place or require multidimensional care.

Michael Coop Artwork

Michael is fascinated by the interaction of colors and the accretion of visual texture in paintings as the surface is developed. Layered, colored surfaces and shapes interact and reveal pieces of each work’s underpainting and the many stages of change during the working process.

Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology

The ACUA has been at the forefront of underwater archaeology for more than 60 years. Its genesis as the Council on Underwater Archaeology was in 1959 and its purpose was fully realized at a meeting in 1963 when a group of archaeologists, historians, and sport divers met in St. Paul, Minnesota for the first international Conference on Underwater Archaeology (CUA)

Rank the Vote NYC

Rank the Vote NYC was founded in 2019 to bring Ranked Choice Voting to New York City. After their historic win, thay have shifted to educating voters, candidates & campaigns, and community groups on the upcoming changes to New York elections in 2021.

Spacial Activations

Spatial Activations is a creative agency that brings together top-of-class expertise from multiple disciplines to pivot commercial and public spaces towards relevant content that will attract a new generation of audiences.

Santa Fe County Trails

The Santa Fe County trails app was originally developed by Mindshare Labs back in 2016. We recently overhauled the app to make it easier to expand and update. We added a bunch of functionality as well.

A Dose of Reality

The opioid crisis in New Mexico is one that requires special attention and a highly organized website. The Dose of Reality team identified 3 needs (prevention, treatment, and recovery), each of these needs is presented on every page of the website allowing for quick, simple navigation between them. This also allows for content organization that does not require a huge menu.

Sedona Arts Center

The Sedona Arts Center is a nonprofit educational institution dedicated to nurturing creative discovery, learning and sharing through arts education and artistic development.