Priority Tech-Support

Customers subscribing to this service will get priority support if any incompatibilities or problems occur during or after upgrades.

Automatic Backups

Your website files and database will be backed up automatically, daily. We'll maintain rolling backups of your site files and database so there will be multiple restore points if we need to restore your site to an earlier version.

Redundant Offsite Backups

We store backups on Amazon's S3 cloud servers to add a layer of redundancy to your site's protection.

SEO Monitoring

We provide SEO reporting so you know just where your site stands in terms of SEO and search engine rankings.

Uptime Monitoring

We'll be the first to know when your site goes down, this ensures that we get it back up before your customers ever know there was a problem.

Performance Monitoring

A slow website is a bade website. We compare your website to thousands of other sites to make sure your site performs better.

Monthly Reporting

Every month you'll get a personalized report on all actions and statistics as they relate to your website.

Broken Link Monitoring

Bad links are annoying to users, but they can also affect your SEO. We monitor every link on your site to ensure none lead to blank pages.

Malware and Virus Scanning

Malware and viruses scanning ensures that your site is not being used for nefarious things without you knowing. We automatically monitor and remove any malware or viruses, daily.

Backup & Security

complete, managed WordPress security, updates and offsite backups.

Let us manage your WordPress security so you can focus on your business.

When was the last time your website’s database was backed up? How about your uploaded documents and images? Is your WordPress installation up-to-date with the latest security patches? If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions, you need this service.

An updated, secure, backed-up WordPress site is a happy site. Keep your WordPress website secure for $14.95/month or $179.40 per year.

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Features & Benefits

Software Updates

You’ll get ongoing WordPress core and plugin updates. We’ll make sure you always have the latest, most secure and feature-complete version of WordPress and whatever additional plugins you have installed.

25% off Disaster Recovery

In addition to priority support, in the event that a problem relating to your website’s security or data integrity comes up, we’ll discount 25% off any charges incurred while we fix up your site. We’re able to offer this discount happily because using this service will greatly reduce the risk that your site will be compromised by an attacker or experience data loss!

Uptime Monitoring

We’ll also provide you with server uptime monitoring so we can help you identify problems with your website as soon as they occur—that is, before your visitors are affected.

No Hassles

The service is fully managed for you, so you won’t need to do anything or change anything on your existing website. We simply contact you for a WordPress administrator login and get you up and running.

Peace of Mind

You’ll be able to relax knowing that the substantial investment you made in your web presence is being monitored and protected.