Vision & Mission

Mindshare Labs creates clear, usable, feature-rich Websites, Mobile Apps, & Web Applications.

We are driven by the belief that the internet is an open and democratic place with room for everyone to contribute useful information and services. Our aim as technology service providers is to help clients build web platforms, strategies, and brand collateral that facilitate communication, collaboration, and meaningful human interaction. We are working to create a more interconnected world that prioritizes data openness through technology.

Our ability to design and implement successful web applications is guided by a solid understanding of current and emerging web technologies and standards, coupled with appropriate design and programming practices. Mindshare Labs seeks to create flexible, extensible systems that evolve alongside the continually changing landscape of the web and related technologies (the “internet of things”). Over a decade of experience informs our process, allowing us to assist clients in making the most of their communication and business goals.

We will work as a partner with your organization to make sense of the myriad systems available for web-based communication and ecommerce to help you find the best solution for your organization and vision.

Mindshare: collective awareness

Mindshare Labs is passionate about the internet, business, and design. When we incorporated in 2006, we began with the word “mindshare.” The concept of mindshare is central to our core directive: increasing the collective awareness for great ideas, people, and organizations through the effective use of branding, communication, and technology. We can help you amplify your company’s mindshare and maximize your potential market.

Mindshare Labs is an award-winning agency with a deep understanding of web application development and design. We have provided internet solutions and consulting for roughly five hundred organizations. We welcome projects of any scale. Contact us, request a quote, or learn more about our people, process, and capabilities.