Flexible Scope Retainers

Many of our clients rely on our services on a regular, ongoing basis, and often do not have a pre-defined scope or project in mind. For this reason we offer Flexible Scope Retainer agreements. This allows us to establish long term, deep business relationships with these customers to various roles: software and app development, design, content management, digital strategy and support, to name a few.

A Flexible Scope Retainer is a commitment to a minimum number of hours per month (either 2, 5 or 10) for a 12 month period.

All Flexible Scope Retainers offer:

  • Priority customer support – this means your requests will be answered and handled ahead of customers without an FSR
  • Guaranteed response within 1 business day
  • An assigned Mindshare Labs team member who will be the primary point of contact for your company
  • Flexible scope means there are no fees or hidden costs for going over your set hours per month
  • Discounted hourly rate that applies to all work we do for you and your company
  • In order to offer significant discounts we require a 12 month commitment (which can be terminated early with a buyout)

In addition to the above, you lock in the following deep discounts on our hourly rate depending on how many hours you choose:

Two (2) hours/month Flexible Scope Retainer
  • Locked in 15% discount off our standard rate ($127.50/hr)
Five (5) hours/month Flexible Scope Retainer
  • Locked in 30% discount off our standard rate ($105/hr)
Ten (10) hours/month Flexible Scope Retainer
  • Locked in 40% discount off our standard rate ($90/hr)