Many of our clients rely on our services on a regular, ongoing basis (or have large projects that take 6 months or more to complete). We have long term, deep business relationships with these customers fulfilling various roles: software and app development, design, content management, digital strategy and support, to name a few.

To better serve these customers and formally acknowledge the ongoing nature of our relationship with them we offer “Flexible Scope Retainer” agreements (FSRs) at significantly discounted hourly rates. A Flexible Scope Retainer is a commitment to a minimum number of hours per month (either 2, 5 or 10) for a 12 month period.

All Flexible Scope Retainers offer:

  • Priority customer support – this means your requests will be answered and handled ahead of customers without an FSR
  • Guaranteed response within 1 business day
  • An assigned Mindshare Labs team member who will be the primary point of contact for your company
  • Flexible scope means there are no fees or hidden costs for going over your set hours per month
  • Discounted hourly rate that applies to all work we do for you and your company
  • In order to offer significant discounts we require a 12 month commitment (which can be terminated early with a buyout)

In addition to the above, you lock in the following deep discounts on our hourly rate depending on how many hours you choose:

Two (2) hours/month Flexible Scope Retainer
  • Locked in 15% discount off our standard hourly rate
Five (5) hours/month Flexible Scope Retainer
  • Locked in 30% discount off our standard hourly rate
Ten (10) hours/month Flexible Scope Retainer
  • Locked in 40% discount off our standard hourly rate