WordPress Plugin Development

adding unique functionalities to WordPress powered websites has never been easier.

What is a custom plugin?

Plugins are bits of code that can be added to any WordPress site. These code snippets add functionality and features without disturbing the site’s existing usability.

Do you need your website to process credit cards? Would you like to collect customer comments? Or gather email addresses for your newsletter?

For these features and many, many more, you don’t need to rework your entire website. If your website has been built with WordPress, a custom plugin will do the trick. Mindshare Labs can help you plan and develop a custom plugin that adds functionality to your website, creating a more dynamic, fluid user experience.

Design vs. Function

Adding new features and functions should not disturb design. On the flip side, a well-developed website should allow a designer to change entire look of your website while retaining all functionality. Do you foresee rebranding in the future, but love all the features of your current website? A well-planned custom plugin is the only way to successfully separate functionality from the look of your website, so you can update your image while maintaining the smooth functionality we create for you.

Unique to WordPress

WordPress is, by far, the most widely-used content management system on the web. It allows website owners an incredible level of capability and flexibility, handling even the most complex data sets and information while still offering useful features and a friendly user interface. While this is extremely helpful in many ways, it also means that that disabling the chosen theme may cause you to lose the customized functionality and add-on features of your WordPress site. By developing custom plugins to suit your unique needs, we bypass this potential problem, helping you avoid unnecessary costs, lengthy codes, stretched timelines, and bad implementations.