iPhone Apps

We develop unique experiences for all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPads and apple watches.

Android Apps

We have experience building commercial, communication, or internal business apps for Android devices.

Web Apps

Web apps are capable of doing more than your typical website. We work with modern, state of the art code.

Mobile Application Development

Engage your Clients through Unique Digital Experiences

Android and iPhone applications make it easy for potential clients and customers to engage with your business on the daily. When a client downloads your app, they opt-in to incorporating your unique messaging into their daily groove.

Constant Connection

Move your business from desktop to pocket with your unique app. By creating the opportunity for frequent, consistent engagement out and about in the world, you move to the front and center for your specific audience.


  • constant connection
  • utilize tech unavailable on the web
  • engage specifically with your clients
  • offer unique experience unlimited by a computer

Tools to drive growth:

  • push notifications
  • instant messaging
  • social media integration & sharing, increasing visibility through word of mouth for the modern world
  • increased sales opportunities thanks to detailed user analytics
  • ecommerce built right into the app

Ecommerce Development

We have experience dealing with many web-based ecommerce platforms including WooCommerce, Magento, Stripe, Easy Digital Downloads, and more. We can assist you with ecommerce integrations in your new web service or app. Application security, usability, and customer relationship management take a front seat in our development process.

Project Planning

Every aspect of your application will be planned and scheduled. We take the time to create screen prototypes so the development process is quick and easy, and you know exactly what your app will look like before we write any code. Everything from design to launch is scheduled.

Quick Version Iteration

We create application prototypes for every app we develop. This allows us to easily test and refine navigation, functionality and design, without going through the process of coding and developing the app.

Maintenance and Upkeep

After app deployment, we offer mainteance plans to ensure your app continues to work on new devices. These plans can also be used to upgrade and add additional functionality.

Digital Mumbo Jumbo

Mindshare Labs offers complete web and mobile application development services for:

Our team writes scalable, complex, data-driven JavaScript and HTML5 web applications with dynamic charting, real time data, and cutting edge technology. Whether you need a native mobile app integrated with your WordPress website or want to hire a team of skilled developers for your new web startup, we’ve got you covered.

We provide full-stack web development and are equally comfortable with traditional relational database management systems (like mySQL and MariaDB) as well as noSQL systems like mongoDB.

React and React Native Development

Mindshare Labs has adopted React and React Native as our go-to platforms for building mobile and web applications. This enables us to rapidly build a mobile application that works on both iPhone and Android devices, or a desktop app that works on any device connected to the internet. The React frameworks allows us to build complex, feature-rich apps that are easy to use, have shorter development cycles and allow us to get your app on the market more quickly.

Node.js Development

Node.js is a lightweight and efficient server-side JavaScript platform that can be used to build fast, scalable, and beautiful network applications. It provides an open-source solution to running real time applications, and is driven on Google’s V8 Javascript engine.

Application Code Standards

  • All application code conforms to our internal coding standards as well as W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards.
  • All public-facing code is optimized for Search Engines (SEO) according to contemporary best practices.
  • Most apps and sites feature a responsive design, meaning the site will dynamically reformat according to available screen resolution for desktop and mobile devices.