Your Unique Needs

Each client has a unique position with distinct requirements. We take time to understand what our client’s needs are, then prepare quotes and estimates to suit each client uniquely.

To help us understand your needs, please fill out the form below, so we we can give you an accurate quote for responsive web development, application development, WordPress plugin development, eCommerce solutions, or SEO optimization.


Websites typically start at $4,500. To create your quote, we project the number of hours it will take to complete based on complexity, and feature requests. Then we multiply that number by $150 (our hourly rate). Read more here.

Mobile and Web Applications

Mobile and web apps typically have 3 phases, each estimated and bill separately.

  • Phase 1: Rapid Application Prototyping.
    This is the act of creating a ‘dummy’ or ‘data-less’ prototype of your application in order to establish the scope and features.
  • Phase 2: Development and Design.
    This is the act of actually building the prototyped application. This includes development for iPhone, Android, or Web. At the end of this phase your app is ready for deployment.
  • Phase 3: Deployment and Upkeep.
    During this phase we launch and maintain your application so it may continue to work on new devices or on an every changing web.

Our services include design, consulting, programming, training, prototyping, etc. All work is estimated to completion and billed monthly.

Al la Carte

Mindshare no longer offers al la carte development. All clients must be engaged in a flexible scope retainer or a fixed scope project contract.

Flexible Scope Retainers

Mindshare Labs offers flexible scope retainer agreements. These agreements allow us to manage your website or mobile application on an ongoing bases. Learn more.

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