Our Web Development Warranty

We stand behind our code and like to see our customers succeed. It is for this reason that we offer this 30 day code warranty for projects that we both host and developed.

If you need maintenance or fixes for a project that we did not develop, click here to learn more.

What does the website warranty cover?

Mindshare Labs’ website warranty covers code and websites developed by Mindshare Labs, Inc. The warranty covers errors or omissions made by Mindshare for a period of up to and no further than thirty (30) days after the website or code goes live. Any code altered by the customer and/or third party applications used in the construction or alteration of the website is outside the scope of our warranty. The accuracy of content either provided or approved by the customer to complete the website is the customer’s responsibility, and alterations requested of Mindshare by the customer are considered to be out of scope for this warranty. We are happy to provide an estimate or retainer agreement for anything not included in this warranty.

Warranty includes and is limited to:

  • Assistance with any broken links that are reported to need fixing.
  • Assistance with error messages and loading problems.
  • Assistance with your website when it is not displaying correctly in supported browsers as defined in your contract (Internet Explorer is not supported).
  • Assistance with any queries or problems arising with the CMS database system or eCommerce program.
  • Project specific functionality not working. This includes forms, API integrations, menus, etc.
  • Ensuring all links/images are working correctly and examining the overall health and proper functionality of the website.

What if I have backup and Security Package with Mindshare Labs?

Our Backup and security package does have a few more perks.

What’s excluded from our website warranty?

  • Support for websites or solutions that we did not develop.
  • Support for any problems or errors arising with, or caused by the hosting system (unless we are hosting your solution.)
  • Support for any problems or errors arising with, or caused by customer error.
  • Systems developed by agencies other than Mindshare Labs are not covered by the warranty.
  • Any web development task requested that was not explicitly listed in the customer contract.  This may include but is not limited to: graphic design, CSS changes, layout changes, moving or adding content, any new functionality, additional form fields and/or field validation, and problems caused by customer site administration.
  • Redesign of site – the scope of this warranty is limited to maintenance and does not allow for the complete or partial redesign of existing site.
  • Website Marketing – the scope of this contract does not include making any changes to existing Meta-tags, Alt-tags, Titles, Keywords, or Page Descriptions. These tasks fall under the scope of Search Engine Optimization or Website Marketing and require a different contract.
  • Website Analysis – Analysis and reporting of website traffic, analysis of visitors, and breakdown of traffic sources. (Proper coding must be in place for this function and can be installed as an update under this agreement.)
  • Communication with billing and/or accounting of your hosting and domain service, unless directly provided by Mindshare Labs.
  • Errors and omissions contained in website content provided by the customer. This includes content that was not delivered on schedule.

Extended website maintenance

Beyond the initial warranty, I offer ongoing monthly retainer agreements at a discounted hourly rate to keep our client’s websites up to date.

What if I just have a quick question and I’m outside the warranty?

  • If you are hosting with Mindshare Labs, we are available to help. If your website was developed recently we should be up to date on it’s content and programming.
  • If we are not hosting your site, shoot us an email. We’ll do my best to give you direction or provide a quote/estimate.