Mindshare Labs honored by Mayor Gonzales in State of the City Address

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Published: February 4, 2015

Mindshare was honored to be held up as an example of the growing entrepreneurial environment in Santa Fe by Mayor Javier Gonzales in his first State of the City address last night.

Mayor Gonzales spoke at length about Mindshare’s successes and founding by Damian Taggart and how Mindshare Labs contributes to the business milieu. In his own words:

As we work to lay the long-term groundwork for a vibrant startup economy, there is much we can do in the short-term to see immediate impact. When someone like Damian Taggart opens a business, they add jobs, grow our GDP and contribute to the unique culture and spirit of Santa Fe. Mindshare Labs is a full service web development company and the City of Santa Fe’s 2014 small business of the year. They represent almost perfectly the entrepreneurial spirit and potential we want to grow in this community. Damian started the company in 2006 because he couldn’t find a good, interesting job as a web developer in Santa Fe. Now he employs six people, including at least one graduate of St. John’s, and has designed hundreds of websites for clients all over the country. We’ve got to do everything we can to help entrepreneurs succeed…

To connect companies to a ready workforce, we’re expanding the Young Professionals Project – a successful pilot we started last year – which creates a direct pipeline for recent New Mexico college graduates to local employers. When someone like Damian comes to see us, their city will be an ally, not an obstacle to starting a business.

Thank you, Mayor Gonzales! We are proud to be here in Santa Fe and hope for many fruitful years to come!