My life, as measured by Google’s new Account Activity Beta

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Published: May 1, 2013

I recently opted in to the new Google Account Activity Beta and today I got the analysis of my first four weeks.

The report basically breaks down your usage of Google services including email, web search, calendar, etc. Disappointingly, it doesn’t seem to show Google Voice and also doesn’t have any mechanism for collecting data from multiple Google accounts. That last item for me would be pretty huge, since I’m almost always signed in to both my personal and work Google accounts (on different devices or with multiple sign-ons enabled).

Screenshot (partial) of the new Google Activity dashboard report.

This partial snapshot of the Google Activity dashboard report gives you a good sense of what sort of data you can get from the new service – and incidentally a rather droll portrait of my digital life.

“Amazing” Insights


What amazing insights can we take away from this? Well, for one, I write a shit load of emails to a shit load of people and receive even more. Astoundingly it’s an average of 47.14 emails every day. Of course that probably includes junk mail that makes it to my inbox like Best Buy sales deals and that sort of thing.


I’m apparently still looking for a really good web hosting company and very interested to know what the weather will be (it has been a most erratic season).

Project management

Over the past 28 days I also attended 31 hours of calls, trainings or meetings of one kind or another, and apparently, I even let one meeting request slip through the cracks. To hell with ’em.

Bottom line

I’m equal parts busy and boring. A real modern day Prufrock. Lulz.