Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology

The ACUA has been at the forefront of underwater archaeology for more than 60 years. Its genesis as the Council on Underwater Archaeology was in 1959 and its purpose was fully realized at a meeting in 1963 when a group of archaeologists, historians, and sport divers met in St. Paul, Minnesota for the first international Conference on Underwater Archaeology (CUA)

The Advisory Council for Underwater Archeology has been a client of ours for, at least, 8 years. We originally built their website all the way back in 2014! We redesigned and re-developed the site to take advantage of up-to-date WordPress tools. This upgrade also provided us the opportunity for a major facelift.

This site features an updated color scheme, SVG logos, icons, and header images and a snazzy header animation representing the underwater work that the organization supports.