Michael Coop Artwork

Michael is fascinated by the interaction of colors and the accretion of visual texture in paintings as the surface is developed. Layered, colored surfaces and shapes interact and reveal pieces of each work’s underpainting and the many stages of change during the working process.

“A design is not completed once you’ve added everything that needs to be there, it’s completed once you’ve removed all that’s not needed.”

My Menor, and a great designer

Building this website was a practice in simplicity and specificity. My client had a very clear idea of what he wanted; a clean website that showcased his artwork and did not distract.

We decided that the simplest approach was the best. In order to preserve the integrity of the artwork and not introduce design elements that distract or ‘comment on’ the artwork, we designed a website with a bunch of white space, black text, and a very simple layout. This was the result.

Some other notable features include:

  • Horizontal scrolling galleries.
  • Appropriately sized artworks that are sized relative to each other.
  • Adjustable background shade in lightbox views.
  • Full integration with the Gutenberg Editor