WordPress 5.0 is here!

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Published: October 19, 2018

We geek out when new versions of WordPress are released, but to be honest most are pretty boring. Security fixes here, bug fixes over there… nothing too exciting. However, this time it’s different! We’re in for a version bump that comes with a very exciting addition to WordPress: The Gutenberg Editor.

I’m going to cut to the chase… This update might break your website. Now, there’s nothing to worry about, it doesn’t come out until Nov. 19, and, chances are you’re going to be just fine. But, we can help make sure you’re site doesn’t go down.

We know that these updates are sometimes unexpected, and can get expensive, so to help out we’re offering a one time deal. For $99 we’ll do an investigation and recommend any changes that need to happen.

Now, we have our reservations and complaints about the new editor (change? again?), but for the most part this addition to WordPress offers some exciting editing capabilities that most of you have asked for in the past.

However, with exciting new features there are always considerations to take into account. This update (more so than other updates) may break your site, or cause some problems, or just be a general nuisance. Specifically, if you’re working with a highly customized theme or old (or bad) plugins, you’re likely to experience some issues or downtime.

For our clients that have gotten a new website in the last year or so, there’s nothing to worry about aside from a new editing experience (and maybe some required training).

For anyone rocking an older (we call them vintage) website, we should probably look under the hood and make sure you’re ready for this version. Hopefully we’ll find nothing, or maybe a tweak or two, but better safe than sorry, amiright?

We’ve set up a special deal for anyone looking for a tune up. From now until WordPress 5.0 is released you can pay a one time investigation fee of $99.

Why just an investigation? Well, we’re assuming everything is going to be just fine, but on the other hand, we might just find something that’s going to take your site down… and we may have to introduce a major fix. Plus, we kinda like being investigators, it makes us feel good.

Wordpress 5.0 Investigation

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